Microsoft recently announced its plans to replace Game Hubs with a new Official Clubs feature for Xbox One. In the latest roll out to Xbox Insiders on the Alpha insider ring, it would seem that some of these features are starting to roll out. Whilst Xbox Clubs are nothing new, they’ve failed to get the traction that comes with platforms such as Discord or Reddit. Now it seems Microsoft is changing up the terminology to draw in game creators and promote healthier community growth.
Official Clubs opens the door for developers, especially for those games in preview with on-going updates. Some developers may choose to use their own website, Discord or other platforms to disseminate information, putting those updates into the games context (on the platform) takes away the middleman and as a flow on effect misinformation. One example is surfacing game relevant content into the guide on Xbox One making it prevalent to any user that opens the guide during play. This is very much similar to the approach taken in the Steam library, when you click on a game you get a broad pallet of information, such as community and developer updates.
It’s still early days and these updates are certainly a step in the right direction for Clubs and making them more relevant not only to gamers, but developers as well. Whilst Microsoft has not heavily invested in its Clubs and Tournament features on Xbox One, there is certainly a lot of room for improvement.

Originally reported on by Windows Central