Sony has filed a patent that explores the use of cryptocurrency blockchain technology to control the digital rights management of its future products. –

Digital Rights Management (DRM) has always been apart of digital game or software purchases. Platforms such as Origin, Steam, Xbox Live and Ubisoft’s UPlay all use DRM.

DRM didn’t hit the spotlight until more recently prior to the Xbox One announcement causing a massive outcry followed not long after with the absolute mess of a lunch that was EA’s last Sim City release.

Sony however has revealed it’s plan to take the DRM management out of the hands of third party operators and introduce it to blockchain.

Blockchain is the technology that is behind the rise of cryptocurrencies and act’s as a secure and decentralised ledger of sorts. Where by no one entity controls any part of the network.

To better describe this, picture that one day Valve and Steam go bankrupt and shut down their services completely. As a result you would lose your entire library of licencing to a singular DRM service failure. Blockchain eliminates this risk as your licencing would essentially be on a public ledger.

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