You would be forgiven for thinking that Sony has struck gold when it come’s to single player exclusives. Detroit: Become Human is the lastest in a string of striking and excellent single player platform exclusives that can comfortably stand besides the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn and God Of War’s latest installment.

From the moment you load into the main menu  for the first time (and each time you return to it) you’re introduced to the story of Detroit: Become Human. The game is based around telling three stories of three seperate andorids whom have gained sentience and seek to make their way in the world, whilst grappeling with their own concept of humanity. Ultimately the decisions that shape them are up to you, the player.

The first mission has you thrust into a drama “cop-show-Esq” filled scenario where you play the role of Connor an android who must negotiate with a deviant android that’s holding human child hostage. This fast-paced and intense introduction to the game set’s the stage for how your decisions will affect the outcomes of the scenario and later the story if the game itself.

Following the introduction, you’re subtly introduced to each of the characters as obedient androids, some with more comfortable lives than others.

Firstly you’re introduced to Markus whos existence at first seems mundane. But even his introductory mission can escalate depending on how you go about completing your tasks.

The game quickly takes a sharp turn towards drama and builds on the story. Whilst David Cage the writer wouldn’t outright say the game has a political sentiment, it’s clear that a lot of the story and feeling behind the game is built in both past and present sentiment of the world we live in.

Without giving too much more away, Detroit: Become Human is an intense and involving game that captivates the player and begs you to pay more attention to your decisions. The grappling story is only further enhanced by beautiful graphics in clear conditions, to full ball blizzard.  If you’re in the market for a game to get into before E3 I couldn’t recommend it more.