Whilst nothing has been formally confirmed by Sony, that has not stopped the release date of the anticiapted Playstation 5 being the subject of much debate.

Currently there’s a general consensus that the Playstation 5 won’t release until early 2020. According to analysts such as Michael Pachter whom suggested that both the Playstation5 and Xbox One X successor would likely have 2020 release dates.

Other rumors report however that Playstation 5 Development Kits may well already be in the hands of developement studios and we could have a hughe shock come E3.

Recently Matt Pettit the producer of Definance 2020 noted that he belived the current console generation would be here to stay and that would lead to a later 2020 or 2021 release date.

It will be interesting to see what Sony can pull out of the hat. To impove on the technology that Xbox One X posesses, it would take some serious innovation in the field on Sony’s behalf.

Another point to consider is the release stagger, is this year or next too soon for Sony to release a new generation console? Maybe it is, but for now all we can do is wait for E3 and see if Sony lets the cat out of the bag.