It’s been rumoured that Microsoft is taking a hard look at Mod support for Xbox One for a while now. Thanks to some recently released internal documents, this seems to have been confirmed.

Whilst games such as Fallout, Skyrim Special Edition and even Halo 5 offer some level of user generated content, this new approach will bring something akin to Steam Workshops to Xbox. This in turn surfaces user generated content in an easy to find and easy to apply way.

Microsoft looks to be taking an approach focused around the player community with user generated content, noting they’ve articulated a need to provide the content in a format that enables social integration and commerce. This may mean that developers of user generated content may be able to monetise their content.

For game developers the Xbox Community Content platform is a whole new infrastructure put in place to support user generated content and mods within their games. It give’s developers the ability to define what can and cannot be modified as well a number of other specific services.

The update to the Microsoft store is expected to arrive later this summer. We will keep you updated as we learn more.