Under Phil Spencer, Xbox has really been trying hard to turn their games division around. With Phil at the lead, Xbox has rebranded itself back into a full game platform (though it’s still a good media device, HA!), and managed to convince the heads at Microsoft it’s worth investing more money in. With this new investment push has come the announcement during this years E3 press conference of 4 acquisitions and the creation of 1 new studio.

The new studios will be joining the likes of 343 Industries, Turn 10, Rare and The Coalition. The acquired studios might seem familiar as some have launched some Xbox exclusive games in the past and some have had a history of multi platform titles. The studios are Undead Labs, the creators of the State of Decay franchise, Playground Games, most noted for the Forza Horizon games, Compulsion Games, the creators of Contrast and We Happy Few, and Ninja Theory, creators of Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice, Enslaved and DmC: Devil May Cry.

The 1 studio that is being created is named The Initiative. This new studio is being headed up by former head of studio for Crystal Dynamics, Darrell Gallagher. Darrell has a long line of credits including work at THQ, Activision and Rockstar so there is plenty of experience there for the team to draw from.

Honestly, if this push keeps going, it will be exciting to see where Microsoft and Xbox goes next.