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Streamer Spotlight: LeverageL1 (Twitch)

by | May 7, 2018 | Streaming, Twitch Spotlights |

In this Streamer Spotlight we head over to Twitch to check out LeverageL1’s stream and get his insights on streaming, as well as his goals and advice for new and upcoming streamers on the platform. LeverageL1 is a Twitch Affliated streamer with an up and coming community of followers.

Q: Firstly thanks for agreeing to take part in our streamer spotlights! TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF.

A: o/ I’m LeverageL1 but most people just call me Lev. I am an Australian streamer who lives in a small country town in NSW. Like most streamers, I am a gamer at heart and it takes up a large amount of my time but that’s ok! My main focuses are Fortnite and Rocket League.


Q: When did you start streaming and what motivated you to start?

A: I started streaming in August 2017. It was something that seemed impossible to me. Going through high school was hard for me and self confidence and self esteem were little to none. Anxiety was my biggest enemy and continues to be every day.

Streaming for me is about providing people with a place to feel accepted without judgement, to have a sense of belonging and to feel empowered and motivated to aim for what they want in life. It easy when you love doing it as well!

Q: What or who do you think has contributed to your growth on Twitch as a streamer?

A: 100% the support of others! It is what I needed, a push. First of all other streamers. Those who are already established and have learned what works and what doesn’t. Their advice has helped me to be the streamer and person I am today.

In addition to that, there are those who have connected with me and the channel. If my viewers didn’t support me and enjoy my content I would have quit by now. They are the reason I continue to stay motivated, to improve the stream in all areas so we can all have a great time.

If my viewers didn’t support me and enjoy my content I would have quit by now.


Q: What do you think are some unique things about your stream?

A: Personality, Interaction and a place where people from all walks of life can come together. It’s like we are one team and not the traditional streamer who has viewers.

Q: How have you found the streaming community ON TWITCH both as a viewer and a streamer?

A: From my first week I was lucky enough to be introduced to what is easily the best community on twitch and that is Together to the top (TTTT).

TTTT is a community that strives on supporting everyone to be successful on twitch. The guy or girl on the bottom doesn’t need to stay there and the one at the top doesn’t need to be alone. We all support each other and there is a real sense of unity.

As a viewer, I am able to support and enjoy my fellow streamers and at the same time have a solid foundation that allows me to grow. It’s perfection.

We all support each other and there is a real sense of unity.

Streaming is a mental game. You may stream for a few hours and have 2 viewers, you and your bot.

Q: If you had any advice for new streamers what would it be?

  • There is a lot to learn mostly at the beginning but also throughout your streaming career. Be prepared for that.
  • Take pride in your stream, ensure the quality is the best you can provide, have a completed bio and schedule. I underlined that for a reason. Set a schedule that works for you and then people will know when you are live:).
  • Connect with people! Find some streamers you like, see what they do and use that to create your own image.
  • Streaming is a mental game. You may stream for a few hours and have 2 viewers, you and your bot. You will have days where your viewer count drops and that’s normal! When you’re having a bad day try to not think “stuff this what’s the point?” but focus more on “What can I improve on?” Have a notepad and take notes! Write down your problems and think of solutions. Don’t give up!
  • Be interactive. Put a large amount of focus in to being able to see chat and responding quickly to people who want to interact with you.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say or anyone you would like to shout out?

A: I’m not your average streamer, I want to connect at a higher level which is why I use Discord. On the server, we all message during the day, share our successes, come together when times get tough and move forward together.

I could shout out 20 amazing streamers but I would like to shoutout 3 who has been the biggest motivation and inspiration to me to grow as a streamer and as a person.

Twitch.TV/Fahros – Originally introduced me to TTTT. He helped me to believe in myself and pursue streaming.

Twitch.TV/Warren333 – I went through some hard times when I started streaming especially related to being on webcam and connecting that way. I was scared, anxiety crippled me. He helped me to take small steps and now I have the webcam on all the time!

Twitch.TV/Ltquixotic – LT isn’t currently streaming but still deserves recognition. He like Warren supported me during a tough time and helped me to grow. Such an amazing person and if he comes back to streaming he is worth checking out.

Here is the link to all the other amazing TTTT streamers if you are interested https://www.twitch.tv/communities/together-to-the-top.

If you would like to come and be apart of what I am trying to create on twitch you are always welcome! The schedule can be found underneath the stream on my channel page at https://twitch.tv/leveragel1

Feel free to say hi on discord as well at https://discord.gg/tuF66nx

Special thanks to Jenko and Divided By Zero gaming for giving me the opportunity to be in the spotlight.