So Microsoft has just wrapped up the Xbox E3 2018 presser and to say there was a lot of news would be an understatement. But first and foremost we’re going to take a look at the stunning revealĀ Halo Infinite and all new 343 Industries game engine the aptly named the “SLIPSPACE Engine” that it runs on.

Whilst a live stream wont do it justice, you should definitely take the time to watch the video (above) in 4K UHD and bask in the absolutely stunning level of detail that is the SLIPSPACE Engine.

Whilst 343 was scarce on details for the game the announcement of the game was enough to send the internet into a frenzy, even now as I type this there are various streams on YouTube and Mixer all talking about Halo. Could it be on Zeta Halo? An all new engine brings with it not only amazing graphics but also endless possibilities.

But some questions remain unanswered, is this a build on an existing engine or something built from the ground up? If it’s built from the ground up that means rebuilding the way halo plays and fundementally changing it.

“A living, breathing world ripe for exploration and endless gameplay possibilities.”

On 343 Industries new website they describe on the SLIPSTREAM Engine page that this is a game “Alive with Excitement” & “A living, breathing world ripe for exploration and endless gameplay possibilities.”.

This statement and the over all look and feel of the game from the engine demonstration has a lot of people wondering if this is a more open world Halo akin to the likes of Halo 3.

343 Industries has indicated that they’re going to start running a flight program for the game.

“In the future, you will be able to join early flighting programs that will let members of the community play the game with us, and give direct feedback, much like the current Insider flighting program forĀ Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It will take some time for us to be ready to kick those flighting events off, but when we do they will start small and grow along the way.” – 343 Industries

This is defiantly a turning point for the embattled 343 Industries with mixed reviews of Halo 5 on release.

Given it’s been three years since the release of Halo 5, the studio has clearly been very, very busy building this engine and taking on the feedback from the community.

At this point in time we can confirm the game will be on Xbox & Windows 10.