Just like last year EA is leading the charge into E3 with their own pre-show of sorts called “EA Play. This years show begins with a brief reel on what’s to come and an amazing holographic display of Anthem with two freelancers and a monster reaching out of the screen and then flying off back into it.

This EA Play we touch on some existing titles as well as some new to come titles not only in the AAA space but also in the Indie space from EA Originals.

Battlefield V

Full destruction is back in Battlefield 5 which will change the pace of play. Whilst Battlefield in more recent times has offered some destruction it, it was nothing compared to the Bad Company games.

“You can destroy anything” was the tag line experience in the Bad Company games and it looks set to make a return this time around.

Another highlight was that the Premium Pass and Loot Box systems that have come standard with Battlefield games will not be making a return in Battlefield 5. A point cheered on by the audience.

What was not so readily cheered was the announcement of a “Battle Royale” mode which received some reserved cheers with a clear booing from the crowd.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Electronic Arts (EA) has certainly taken a beating or two in the last 12 months from gamers. With the release of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 there came massive backlash on the in game loot box based progression system and overall lack of content.

This followed on with a leak suggesting that ongoing support for the game would be dropped in late 2018. However at EA has just announced that the Clone Wars era is coming to Star Wars: Battlefront 2; featuring some iconic Star Wars locations and key Clone Wars characters.

EA Sports

If I’m being honest there’s not much to report in this space. All the big titles such as Fifa, Madden and alike are getting the perpetual yearly release with a retexture, stats update and general graphics refresh. Madden 19 however will be coming to PC.

EA decided to get “YoungKid” the winner of the Madden 18 Championships who came off more like an awkward spoilt brat then someone interested in real gaming, with some clear tension on stage.


EA has finally given us a better inside look at the story behind anthem with some short snippets from what look to be cut sceens and showed off some great game play. EA is clearly trying to keep you invested in the idea of Anthem and brought some key players from Bioware to the stage to give the show some greater context.

Bioware has been clear to note that Anthem is not an MMO and much like Destiny in that you’ll be playing a mix of multiplayer and story. Bioware has been clear to note that the “tower” or “bases” are single player areas where your story as a single player will really unravel.

On a good note Bioware has stated that Anthem has been built in such a way that they as the developers can continue to add story to the game for years to come. Should we treat this like another Destiny, or is it too soon to tell? One major separation from Destiny is the ability for the developer to drop changes and events into the world in almost real time. These events are described as events that will change the world either physically or through lore.

Moving onto clearly prepared questions from twitter, we’ve confirmed that the game will contain micro transactions. But they’ve been absolutely clear that it will be cosmetic only and no loot boxes. You can simply select what you want to purchase and purchase it.

The presentation went on to show some amazing game play, although overly scripted demonstration a mission. This demo tried not to give to much away but did touch on some key lore within the game surrounding the “Anthem of creation” building suspension and leaving to what looks to be the start of a boss fight.