If you’re lucky enough to be living in the ACT with a FTTP or FTTC connection you’re now able to get a lightning fast 250/100 Mbps NBN Broadband Connection thanks to Launtel.

Launtel already has an established customer base in Tasmania and offers Launceston and other part’s of the state access to full 1 Gbps connections over FTTP, whilst offering the NBN 100/40 connection to FTTN customers. More recently they’ve started offering services out of Canberra and are offering up a 7 Day Trial on their 250/100 connection for FTTP customers.

The better news however is that they’ll be offering 1 Gbps connections to Canberra Residents once they hit 250 customers in the region, and if you’re one of those first 250 customers in the region you’ll enjoy a discouted rate.

You can take a 7 Day Trial of their services with no obligations today and your connection will be on within 20 minutes.

How It Works

The great thing about Launtel is they offer you so much flexibiltiy when it comes to your connection. For starters you’ll be happy to hear all connection offers are unlimited (with a fair use policy).

But the best part is that you can change your speed whenever you want, and it only takes 20 minutes to apply. with that in mind it’s important to note that Launtel charges on a daily rate. Rather then a fixed monthly bill.

But that rate is based on the highest speed you use that day. So if you don’t need 250/100, you can drop back down to 50/20, all from their self service portal!

What If I Go Away

Don’t worry they’ve got you covered! You can literally pause your connection and pay nothing while you’re away for a week or two on holidays or otherwise.

What About My Server

If you’ve got your own server at home like me for Plex or even your private Minecraft server; Launtel offers static IP’s at a daily rate, you can contact support to discuss that.

Additionally you can buy a five year lease on a static IP. Right now if you’re a customer you can get a static IP for five years for $100.

Whats The Service Like

If you’re tired of dealing with the other big telcos and their offshore support you’re in for a very very pleasent surprise with Launtel. They’re super responsive and very friendly. Being a smaller business they’re far better suited to customer service then the competition. I’ve had nothing but the best in service from them.